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Hillcrest Youth Center

In order to develop into successful and fully participating citizens, our youth need a safe, welcoming and affirming space where they can be themselves and access the resources they need. The Hillcrest Youth Center is the only drop-in and recreational center in San Diego County dedicated to the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and HIV+ (LGBTQ+) youth.

HYC offers programming for LGBTQ+ youth and allies, ages 14-18. You’ll find computer access, health education, basic financial education, youth leadership training, HIV prevention education, life skills training workshops, discussion groups, creative and performing arts programming, and amazing social activities. It's an impressive list of programs and services, and we are extremely proud of what we offer. But the heart of what the Hillcrest Youth Center offers is much larger than our excellent programs.

HYC is committed to providing a safe, affirming space for LGBTQ+ youth to be proud of who they are and the freedom to discover who they might become. We host approximately 300 visits from youth each month. They are 80% youth of color -- Latino, African-American, Asian and Pacific Islanders, Native American -- and 20% Anglo-American. They are youth from all over the county, representing almost every zip code. Some come from our most affluent homes, some are homeless. More than 70% are low-income and underserved.

For more information, contact the HYC coordinator at or 619.497.2920. You can also find details on group meetings, workshops, events and more on Facebook at

The Youth Center is located at:
1807 Robinson Ave, Suite 106
San Diego, CA 92103

Hours of Operation
Monday: 5-9pm
Tuesdays: as scheduled, ages 10-13 only
Wednesday: 5-9pm
Thursday: 5-9pm 
Friday: 5-10 pm

This Month at HYC: Download our calendar here!

New Youth Program
The Hillcrest Youth Center is open for 10-13 year olds every other Tuesday night from 4:30-7:30pm. You'll find computer access, health education, basic financial education, youth leadership training, discussion groups, creative and performing arts programming, amazing social activities and more. In addition, Tuesday nights will include structured activities such as group games, arts and crafts and mini LGBTQ workshops and discussions. For exact dates, check the monthly calendar. For more information, email

Youth Groups

All groups meet at the Hillcrest Youth Center. Group meeting times and days are subject to change. Please call ahead to make sure the group you're interested in is meeting. For more information on youth discussion groups, call 619.497.2920, or email

VOICES: HYC Youth Advisory Circle
Come get involved in the programming of the HYC! Learn how to be a leader and see what collaboration is all about! All time spent at the meetings, events, fundraising, doing outreach, etc. can be used towards your community service hours!
4th Friday monthly, 7-8pm

Trans and Thriving
This is a workshop for Trans, gender non-conforming and ally youth. Workshops will be around a variety of topics, including health and wellness, alternative relationship types, Trans representations in media and art, coming out, Queer and Trans history, and much more.
Mondays @ 7:30pm (Will not meet the 3rd Monday of the month)

Queer Movie Monday
This group meet, watches and discusses age-appropriate LGBTQ themed films. Topics include coming out, homelessness, identity, being undocumented and more. Pizza, popcorn and beverages are provided.
3rd Monday monthly, 6-9pm

Common Ground
A discussion group for youth, 14-18 years old, who want to talk about dating, relationships, school, work, family, friends and other topics of interest. Each week there is a structured discussion and intriguing topic. There are also guest speakers who come from the community to share fun workshops. Youth have the chance to co-facilitate the discussion so the group always feels like it's being led for and by youth.

Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30 pm

Free Flow
An open discussion group for youth to discuss variety of sometimes difficult subjects, including relationships, hardships, school, identity, family and other topics of interest. Free Flow provides a space for youth to engage with each other in a healthy and supportive manner in a safe and welcoming environment.
Fridays, 6:30-7:30pm

Gender Identity Group
A discussion and support group for transgender, gender non-conforming, and trans-questioning youth ages 14-18. The group is also open to youth who are interested in learning more about gender identity.
Fridays, 8pm

Rainbow Prom - July
The Rainbow Prom provides LGBTQ youth a safe, welcoming and affirming event where they can express themselves. LGBTQ youth want to go to prom, dress up and dance with that special someone, just like everyone else. Queer Royalty! Free! Great food! Awesome music! Join our Prom Planning Committee in December and be part of planning this amazing event.

For more information, email or find us on Facebook at