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Transgender Services

All of The Center's programs are transgender-inclusive and supportive, but we also offer services designed specifically for the transgender community through Project TRANS, our Transgender Services Program. Project TRANS (Transgender Referrals, Assistance, Networking and Services) offers discussion groups, behavioral health services, HIV prevention services, youth services and more. In addition, the program focuses on advocacy, referrals, outreach, sensitivity trainings, social activities and events, workshops and networking with community agencies. Through a partnership with the Transgender Law Center, Project TRANS will also provide assistance with legal documents. For more information, contact the Project Trans coordinator at or 619.692.2077 x109.

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Individual counseling and assessment is offered to assist transgender persons in dealing with a variety of life and transition concerns. For more information, contact Kurt Buis, Psy.D. 619.692.2077 x126. To sign up for transgender counseling services, please contact our Information and Referral Specialist at 619.692.2077 x208 or

Latin@ Services

The Center's Latin@ Services program offers culturally and linguistically affirming services for transgender Latin@ community members. For more information, visit the website, email or call 619.692.2077 x116.


Hillcrest Youth Center

HYC offers programming for LGBTQ+ youth and allies, ages 14-18. For more information, visit the website, email HYC@ or call 619.497.2920.

Sunburst Youth Housing Project

Transgender youth are at particularly high risk for homelessness as a result of being rejected by their families. Sunburst Youth Housing Project provides supportive housing for 23 formerly homeless youth, ages 18-24. For more information, visit the website, email or call 619.692.2077 x125.

Discussion Groups

Transgender Coming Out Group

This group supports transgender people in all stages of exploring gender identity. Open to transgender women (MTF), transgender men (FTM), genderqueer/gender non-conforming people, people who are intersex and those questioning their gender identity. SOFFAs (significant others, friends, family, allies) are welcome to attend with their transgender loved ones.
Mondays, 7-8:30 pm
619.692.2077 x109 or

San Diego FTM Support Group

Support group for Female to Male transsexuals, those assigned female at birth, now identifying as male or questioning their gender.
2nd and 4th Wednesdays monthly, 7-9 pm
619.692.2077 x109 or

FTM/Significant Others Discussion Group

A group for significant others, friends, family and allies of transgender men (FTM). Group meets with FTM Support Group on the 2nd Wednesday, and separately on the 4th Wednesday.
2nd and 4th Wednesdays monthly, 7-9 pm

MTF Discussion Group

Structured discussion group for transgender women (MTF), those assigned male at birth, now identifying as female, gender non-conforming or questioning their gender, and allies. Topics focus on issues affecting women and transgender people.
4th Fridays monthly, 7-9 pm

Transgender Discussion Group

A discussion and support group for transgender and trans-questioning folks ages 18 and up.
Saturdays, 5:15-6:45 pm

Grupo de apoyo "Transgenero 2000"

Este grupo se lleba acabo de 5:30 pm a 8:00 pm, es un grupo abierto a familias, amigos y personas que quieran comprender y dar apoyo a trangeneros, en este grupo se dan diferentes temas educativos y tambien las chicas comparten sus experiencias de la vida. El grupo se fundo en abril del año 2000.
Friday/Viernes, 5:30-8 pm

Gender Identity Group @ HYC

A discussion and support group for transgender, gender non-conforming, and trans-questioning youth ages 14-18. The group is also open to youth who are interested in learning more about gender identity.
Fridays, 8-9 pm at Hillcrest Youth Center

Transgender-Friendly Healthcare

For a list of knowledgeable, friendly healthcare providers, visit our Health Care Providers page.

Local Resources

San Diego FTM/SO Support Groups

619.692.2077 x109

Neutral Corner

North Park Family Health Center

Transgenero 2000

Transgender Law Center

National Resources

GLAD Transgender Resources

HRC Transgender Resources

National Center for Transgender Equality

Transgender Law Center

Transgender Rights Toolkit