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Benjamin F. Dillingham and Bridget Wilson LGBT Veterans Wall of Honor

The Benjamin F. Dillingham and Bridget Wilson LGBT Veterans Wall of Honor recognizes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender veterans with ties to San Diego who have taken the oath to serve our country and have done so honorably, and with distinction, acting as role models in advancing equality. The Veterans Wall commemorates these veterans' lives in hopes that their courage, bravery and sacrifices will continue to inspire future generations.

Listed below are the inductees since the Wall's inception. Click on the inductee's name (2015, 2016 only) for their biography.

2016 Honorees

Joanna L. Gasca, USAF Scott P. Lawry, USN Allen R. Schindler, Jr, USN
Dennis E. Howard, USN Edwin O. Lohr, USAF Jeff Underwood, USN
Arthur J. Kelleher, USN Sean R. Redmond, USAF Craig A. Wilgenbusch, USN
William E. Kelly, USAF Sean M. Sala, USN Veronica Zerrer, USA

2015 Honorees

Mitchel Eugene Cantrell, USA Camille Emily Davidson, USAF Gordon K. Wahl, USAF
Diane M. "Semo" Cimochowicz, USN Jackie K. Jackson, USN Donna F. Walker, USN
Alberto Cortes, USN Lester Lefkowitz, USA  
Phyllis A. Daugherty, USAF Trent Lozano-Osier, USN  

2014 Honorees

Dennis Michael Fiordaliso, USN
John Carlos Keasler, USA Thomas Joseph Seguine, USN
Robert Hall "Jess" Jessop, USN Robert A. Lehman, USMC Frank Stefano, USN

2013 Honorees

Jacque Atkinson, USMC Ben Gomez, USN Joseph Christopher Rocha, USN
John Banvard, USAA Kathleen A. Hansen, USN Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, USMC
Kristen Beck, USN April F. Heinze, USN Evelyn Lynn Thomas, USMC
Stewart Bornhoft, USA Morgan M. Hurley, USN Autumn Violet Sandeen, USN
Carlita "Lee" Durand, USAF Gerard Nadeau, USAA  
Shaun A. Flak, USMC Stephen Peters, USMC  

2012 Honorees

Stan Berry, USN Donald P. Kambic, USA August Provost, USN
Jeri Dilno, USAF Lisa Kove, USN
Luke Terpstra, USA
Benjamin M. Fowler III, USA Robert Lynn, USN
Jim Woodward, USN
George Haverstick, USN Harvey Milk, USN  

Candidate Criteria

Veteran: Candidate must meet the definition of a Veteran

•    Took the Oath of Enlistment or Oath of Office

•    Embodies the Core Values of their respective service branch

•    Copy of DD214 is required for each candidate to confirm service.

       (Click here to request a DD214 from the National Archives Veterans' Records Service.)

•    Eligible regardless of rank earned, branch of service, or component (Active, Reserve or National Guard)

•    Candidate may be living or deceased


•    Honorable Discharge is required, the only exception being separation based on veteran’s sexual orientation, gender identity or medical status


•    Serves a role model by demonstrating repeated acts of charity, bridge building or community involvement in a manner that advances equality


•    Must have served in or lived in San Diego County long enough to meet the contribution criteria, but need not have been in San Diego when this contribution criteria was met


•    Must be nominated by someone other than themselves, with two San Diego co-sponsors. Nominator need not be from San Diego. Co-sponsors must be from San Diego and need not know the candidate personally, but must support the candidate’s nomination. Nominations are accepted through July 31 for consideration for induction that calendar year.

Click here for the nomination form.


•    Any candidate registered as a sex offender or charged with sexual molestation (without acquittal) is not eligible for consideration.


•    Anyone wishing to appeal the decision of the LGBT Veteran’s Wall of Honor Advisory Council may do so in writing to The San Diego LGBT Community Center’s Chief Operating Officer.

To submit a nomination:

Please fill out the nomination form here and email the completed form and backup documentation to

Or print and mail the completed form and documentation to:

San Diego LGBT Community Center
Attn: Ben Cartwright
PO Box 3357
San Diego, CA  92103

Or hand deliver the nomination form and documentation to The Center, 3909 Centre St., San Diego, CA  92103.

2016 Advisory Council

Jim Cassidy (co-chair)

Camille Davidson

Dr. Lori Hensic

Morgan M. Hurley (co-chair)

Jackie Jackson

Bob Lehman

Linda Sanders

Luke Terpstra

Evelyn Thomas