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Family Matters

Have a family? Thinking about having a family? From information on schools to workshops on parenting skills, family activities to options for building a family, The Center’s Family Matters program connects you to resources, education, support and fun!

Research  has repeatedly shown that strong, stable, secure families form a solid foundation for the growth and success of all family members, particularly children. Still, same-sex parents and non-LGBT parents of LGBT children continue to face a lack of good resources and opportunities to help them best take care of their families. Too often LGBT-headed families are unable to find information dedicated to their family’s needs or even face outright invisibility (Family Acceptance Project, 2009).

The goal of The Center's Family Matters program is to provide access to resources, skills, support and opportunities for LGBT-headed families and to provide families with LGBT children the support they need. To accomplish this goal, trained staff and volunteers provide workshops on parenting skills, school supplies for children of low-income LGBT families, fun activities designed for families to connect and socialize, weekly playgroups hosted at The Center, resources for adoption and fostering options, a monthly food drive for LGBT and/or HIV positive families in need of nutritional assistance, and family-friendly events. We also help you develop the tools to advocate for your family - for safer schools, more LGBT family resources and better family policies at the local and statewide level.

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