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Violence Destroys Relationships… and People

Did you know?

  • Partner abuse occurs in one-fourth to one-third of all relationships.
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are just as likely as heterosexuals to experience relationship violence and it is just as severe.
  • Partner abuse crosses all social, ethnic, racial, and economic lines.
  • You cannot tell if someone is being abused or is an abuser based on an individual's strength, size, gender, appearance, politics or personality.
  • What may begin as emotional and verbal abuse can quickly turn into physical violence, and even be life threatening.
  • Relationship violence/partner abuse is against the law in California.


What is Relationship Violence?

Relationship violence is also called partner abuse, domestic violence, battering and/or intimate partner abuse.

It is an ongoing pattern of behaviors where one person tries to control the thoughts, beliefs, or actions of their partner or someone they are in a relationship with.

Controlling behaviors might include:

Physical Abuse: any hands-on physical force including hitting, pushing, choking, slapping, denying medications, sleep deprivation.
Emotional Abuse: threats, name-calling, jealousy, lying, isolating, guilt tripping, blaming, minimizing, keeping track of calls/web activity/movements, blocking exits.
Sexual Abuse: any unwanted sexual touch including kissing, groping, rape, forcing sex and/or sex with others, forced viewing of porn, exposure to HIV or sexually transmitted infections.
Economic Abuse: not allowing or forcing work, controlling money, forcing to live above means, stealing, identity theft.
Cultural/Identity Abuse: threat of outing partner’s sexual orientation, gender identity, HIV status, or any other personal information. Using partner’s race, class, age, immigration status, religion, size, physical ability, language and/or ethnicity, against them.

Do you think you might be a victim/survivor of same-sex relationship violence?
Some warning signs and myths about abuse.
Protecting yourself online. Please do this before you log off.
Resources and Safety Planning

Is your friend or family member being abused?
How to recognize there might be a problem.
Why won't they leave?
How to help.

Are you sometimes out of control, violent, or abusive?
Resources and Information for Offenders

Special Concerns
Challenges for law enforcement and service providers
Impact of abuse on children & Connections between HIV, substance abuse and relationship violence


Relationship Violence Treatment & Intervention Program (RVTIP)

The Center offers group and individual counseling to both victims and offenders struggling with same-sex relationship violence. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth are served as well as adults. This program is probation/court-certified for court-ordered clients.

Specific services include:

  • Assessment services
  • Individual counseling for victims/survivors of same-sex relationship violence
  • Individual counseling for offenders of same-sex relationship violence
  • Court-certified 52-week counseling program for voluntary as well as court-mandated individuals to receive treatment for same-sex relationship violence

For more information, contact our Information and Referral Specialist at 619.692.2077 x208 or

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