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Leadership Circle

The mission of the Leadership Circle is to recruit a diverse network of community members connected by their deep commitment to the development and strengthening of the LGBT community in San Diego County.

Leadership Circle members receive many benefits designed to give you an “inside” perspective of The Center's work to connect and empower LGBT San Diego. You will also have an opportunity to be in on the ground floor of projects that support and strengthen our agenda.

Without financial resources even the best laid plans cannot be executed. Creating a reliable, ongoing source of funding for The Center's more than 40 program and service areas is critical to long term success. Your donations will be used to support the general fund or your donations can be designated towards the issues that you are most passionate about--from men's and women's services, to issues focused on health, LGBT youth, seniors, or equality. As a Leaderhip Circle member, you can support one or more of the areas that interests and concerns you.

Leadership Circle members meet quarterly at social gatherings with each other and Center staff and board members to build an ever expanding network of support and expertise for our community. These gatherings provide you an opportunity to talk with the decision makers and managers of your Center's programming, services, and activities through the power of working together, we can reshape the future.

The most important way to bolster the long-term strength of the LGBT community is by increasing the representation of LGBT leaders in designing and supporting our future. And there is no better way for you to make this happen than by joining The Center's Leadership Circle TODAY!

Leadership Circle members make a financial commitment of $1,500 or more each year and are the backbone of The Center's funding and the fuel for emerging programs.

To join the Leadership Circle or for more information, please email

Leadership Circle Program Areas:

Public Policy

The mission of The Center's Public Policy department is to continue the fight for full civil and human rights for LGBT and allied communities. Current initiatives include: hate crime protections, marriage equality, safe schools legislation and voter registration. Public Policy is committed to achieving fair and equal treatment for all San Diegans.

Health & Wellness

Nurturing mind, body and spirit, The Center's wellness programs include everything from workshops on yoga, to counseling services, cancer support groups, prevention case management, intimacy, safer sex, mammograms and diabetes. Health and Wellness is committed to creating innovative programs that enhance the health and well-being of the LGBT and HIV communities in San Diego.

Latino/a Services

The Center's Latino/a Services program provides linguistically and culturally appropriate resources and services for LGBT and HIV+ Latino/as and their families. The San Diego LGBT Center is the first in the nation to expand programming to specifically embrace the changing face of our LGBT and national community. Latino/a Services is committed to empowering and serving the LGBT Latino/a community in San Diego.

Men's Services

The Center's Men's Services is committed to developing community-wide initiatives that help to recreate community, affirm the strength and expand the vision of a powerful GBT men's community in San Diego.

Senior Services

The Center's Senior Services strives to create a safe space for those 50 years and “better,” providing access to important resources for housing, food, transportation counseling, legal services, and referrals regarding healthcare, social services and community activities. Senior Services is committed to enhancing quality of care and reducing health risks for LGBT seniors.

Women's Resource Center

The Center's Women's Resource Center provides a safe space where LBT women and their allies can access important health care and social service resources and referrals. The Women's Resource Center is committed to building a vibrant community of women by strengthening the leadership capacity of LBT women in San Diego County.

Youth Services

The Center's Youth Services programs provide LGBT youth and young adults with counseling services, health and financial education as well as life-skills training that enables them to lead successful adult lives. Youth Services is committed to sustaining and improving the lives of LGBT youth in San Diego.

To join the Leadership Circle or for more information, please email