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Estate / Planned Giving

Planned gifts ensure the future of our community organizations. The Stonewall Society recognizes donors that have guaranteed The Center's future with an irrevocable gift through a trust, bequest, or other planned gift. To receive additional information about planned gifts or to notify The Center of a gift included in your estate planning, please email

The Center gratefully acknowledges the members of The Stonewall Society

Just as the brave men and women in New York at Stonewall provided the foundation for the LGBT civil rights movement, these benefactors have made provisions to ensure that The Center can support the next generation of LGBT citizens, provide them a safe and inspiring home, and enhance and sustain their health and human rights.

  • Bruce M. Abrams, Esq.
  • Elenore “Lennie” Alickman
  • Anonymous (2)
  • Adrian Auchstetter
  • Dale Beaver
  • Leslie J. Cohen
  • Dr. Joseph Colombo
  • Roger C. Cornell, M.D.
  • Rick Dallin
  • James Dax
  • Don Disner
  • Walter B. Gajewski
  • Robert H. Gleason & Marc J. Matys
  • Freya Gordon & Charlotte Edwards
  • Howard F. Guidry
  • Victor Kazakevich & Randall McNames
  • William Kelly & Robert Taylor
  • Joe Letzkus
  • John Lockhart
  • Dr. Lester Machado
  • Craig A. Milgrim
  • Barbara F Morton
  • George Murphy
  • Noel Hedrick & Jim Murphy
  • Dr. Robert Newbury
  • Arno Safier
  • Norman Self
  • Charles "Fred" Stewart & Robert Isaacson
  • Kevin A. Tilden & Dr. Philip Diamond
  • Dr. Stanley Willis
  • Robert H. Wylie, III
  • James Ziegler

We would be honored to list your name as a member of The Stonewall Society.